Key Lime Pie with Almond Crust

I’ve been having a bit of a sweet-tooth craving lately. So I did what I always do when I’m looking for something delicious that will also meet my good-nutrition goals: head over to I’ve been an avid follower of coach Georgie Fear’s for years and nearly ALL my dessert efforts have come from her website.

Her take on Key Lime Pie is one of my all-time favorites. Super easy to make with no-bake summery goodness, creamy and citrus-y, with the much healthier almond flour crust replacing the traditional graham-and-shortbread version – I could sit down and eat the whole thing at once. Kind of defeats the purpose, but it’s that good. I make this with a little lime zest stirred in to the mix right before you pour it, plus a little sprinkled on top for the visual effect – I’d like to think she doesn’t mind the additions! 🙂

Click through to get Georgie’s recipe for Key Lime Pie with Almond Crust, complete with nutritional info because she’s just good like that. Weekend dessert problems solved!

Georgie's Key Lime Pie from

Georgie’s Key Lime Pie