Exercise Philosophy

Exercise can be difficult to fit into our lives, even for me. That’s why a successful, sustainable exercise plan has to be based on finding some activity you connect with. Then it becomes less of a chore as well as a means to an end, whether that is being able to play with the kids or grandkids, win the annual family football game, become healthier, fit into a fantastic outfit for that reunion or play a sport you love.

Figuring out what clicks with you is the key, and as a coach I’ll help you find exercise and activities that you can and will do. Once we know what does work for you, I’ll help you become comfortable and confident doing it. In that process we’ll also figure out what doesn’t work for you.

Exercise that causes pain is neither beneficial nor sustainable. Pain is the body’s way of saying there is something wrong. No exercise exists without numerous variations, and there is always an alternative that can provide the same benefit. If it hurts, we don’t do it, and we will keep working through the options until we find what works for you. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to regular exercise with minimum hassle and maximal rewards.

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