About Erin Haske

Erin HaskeBS (Hons) – Majoring in sports science, with honors

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Precision Nutrition qualified

I work as a exercise physiologist and coach, with a background in remedial massage therapy. Appropriate exercise and soft tissue treatment can provide relief of acute and chronic pain and muscular imbalances, and better health, fitness, and quality of life, as well as aiding the prevention and management of chronic disease and assisting and furthering physical therapy. I coach people with all of these goals. I work closely with doctors, other allied health professionals, and other coaches to ensure best-practice treatment and outcomes. Though not explicitly in the job description, much of my work centers around client education, including the whys and hows of their problems and our solution.

That’s a lot of big words, so here’s the lowdown.

A lot of people don’t look or feel their best. I see a lot of people with tight shoulders, a knee reconstruction, or ten extra pounds. I work with these people to help them make positive changes to their health, how they feel, and yep, how they look in an swimsuit.

This is how:

1. Establish a starting point – where they are now and how they got there. Simple movement screens let the body tell its version of the story.

2. Establish an end goal and make plans to help them get there. We base the plan on information from step one, and figure out the right mix of exercise and massage therapy to achieve their goal asap.

3. Get results. If they aren’t seeing them, the treatment plan gets tweaked until they do. I’ll also work with doctors, physical therapists, or any other health care professional to make sure that progress – whether towards a first marathon or simply pain-free living – is made the right way.

I love my job. Some of my favorite memories (and people) started as clients, and seeing client improvement is nearly as exciting for me as it is for them. I love meeting new people and am always looking for new professional opportunities. Touch base with me and we’ll talk about how I can help you.

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